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Installing the Extension

This provider is installed just as any other module or provider through the Host->Extensions menu option. Note that the provider requires DotNetNuke version 6.0.2 or greater; ensure that your installation meets this minimum requirement before proceeding. However, due to a (now corrected) issue with the DotNetNuke framework, an issue with some types of links exist on child portals that may cause problems when referencing external data. This issue has been corrected with the 6.1.2 release.

To Install:

  1. Log in as a host user
  2. Install the Cross-Portal Symbolic Link File Provider install package,

Configuration and Usage

Mapping the Symbolic Link Provider to a Child Portal

1. Log on as an administrator of a child portal
2. Visit the File Manager
3. Hover over the Manage button and select "Manage Folder Types"
File Manager.Manage.Small.png

4. Select "Add New Type"
Folder Types.png

5. Create a name for the provider mapping (e.g. "Symbolic Link") and select the provider type ("BrandonHaynes.Providers.SymbolicLinkFolderProvider")
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6. Save the mapping

Adding a Symbolic Link

  1. Log on as an administrator of a child portal
  2. Visit the File Manager
  3. Select "Symbolic Link" from the folder-type drop-down
  1. Enter a name for the symbolic link, and select add

(Note that in virtually all circumstances no more than one symbolic link need be created.)

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